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  • Walnut Double Stump Table

    Walnut Double Stump Table

    The table top is made from a Walnut glue up with the live edges on the outside edges. This gives the appearance of a slab but is more stable and affordable. The 42" x 72" starts at $1,899.00. We can make this any size!


  • Lawrence Crouse

    Lawrence Crouse

    Featuring 18th Century style furniture manufactured by Lawrence Crouse.



We specialize in quality without veneer or particle boards. Unlike most furniture stores our builders are all in North America and use traditional joinery techniques like dovetails and mortise and tenons. We offer a broad range of styles from Early American to today's Modern. Most products are sold at 40% off MSRP. See why our customers buy with confidence and our competitors aren't really competition.

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This is the first testimonial I have ever written because I believe a business must go beyond being extraordinary in order to qualify for a testimonial. Little's Fine Furniture is a business that more than qualifies for my testimonial.

I have bought several pieces of furniture from Little's over the last two years and the last piece was custom made. All of this furniture is made of natural cherry wood. The quality of the wood and workmanship is superior. And the best part being, it is all made entirely in our great Country, the United States of America.

As I previously mentioned, the last piece was custom made. My daughter is exceptionally particular. The owner, Shane Little, worked very hard designing a piece of furniture that was precisely what she wanted. He was extremely pleasant and patient while he endured numerous questions and changes in order to design explicitly what my daughter wanted. Anyone who shops knows how amazing it is to find a businessman that actually cares enough to make sure the customer gets what they want.

The owner, Shane Little, was not happy with the wood on one of the pieces we purchased even though we were. Shane insisted on exchanging the piece because it did not meet with his standards. It is wonderful to buy from a retailer who has such high standards and stands behind his products.

Shane Little and his furniture store are a shoppers dream. When you shop at Little's, I definitely believe you will be more than happy with whatever you purchase. But most importantly, when you shop at Little's you know the owner, Shane, will care about you, the customer.

Michelle K.

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